The Lip Treatment from Epitome Skincare masterfully handles chapped lips and prevents them from getting out of control in the first place. 

~ Bombshell Beauty Blog, Jan 9, 2014

Thank you for making my face feel "like butter" ☺

~Pennie, Eden Prairie, MN 12-23-13


I've been meaning to tell you, I tried the lash & brow serum on my daughter for her all the styes she's been getting (6 over the past 3 months). Cleared the last one (really nasty one) right up! Quicker than medications we've tried, and she's yet to get another one since using the serum twice a week. Yay!!! Love it!!

~Holly, Nov 26, 2013

After meeting the founder of Minneota-based Epitome Skincare at the HAMMS Event last April, I've become a newfound fan of this entire line. There are several standout products, which I'll tell you about another time.  But my favorite is the Vita Soothe Serum. This lightweight serum gives my skin a shot of much-needed hydration while soothing the red, rosacea glow (ha) that I've inherited from my beloved Grandma Kappy. I saw the way rosacea blemished Kappy's soft skin and am determined to treat mine with as much care and vigor as modern skincare will allow. 

I use Vita Soothe in the evening, after cleansing and toning my skin. A pea-sized amount from the pump (which I love as far as dispense methods go - not at all messy) goes all over my face. Then I follow up with moisturizer. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is visibly less red and has a nice glow.

Bombshell Beauty Blog~, Sept 10, 2013  

I really loved using your product, and was surprised at how well it worked on my own eyebrows.

~Jessie Mae

co-owner, Hair District in Uptown Minneapolis


My lashes are awesome…growing like crazy!


owner, True Friends salon, Edina, MN