Meeting new friends today...

Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own and decorate your soul. 


It's finally here! Today is the day I will plant my summer flowers. Yes, we received 9 inches of snow overnight, but it leaves me even more inspired and anxious to get my hands in the dirt. Enter, my local greenhouse. I will load up my window boxes and planters and head over there to spend some time this afternoon in the heat of the greenhouse, get my hands dirty and let my creativity flow. Once I get my flowers planted, the greenhouse will care for them until Mother's Day when I will pick them up bring them home. 


My window boxes on an April planting day (above) and 4 months later, in August (below)


Some easy to follow planting tips: 
-Check with your local greenhouse to see if they will let you plant early. (Sales boost in April? I bet they will.)
-Ask the experts at your greenhouse if certain flowers will work together. In the picture above, notice that the geraniums I started with were over taken by the others. But I still love the result! That brings me to my next point..
-If at first you don't succeed, try again! That's the beauty of gardening in MN, our short season allows for a fresh start each year!
-Be sure you are aware of how the sun/shade will change. Example: our deck doesn't get any direct sun in March, but in July it will get full sun from 11 am - 7 pm. Plant accordingly or use a vessel that you can easily move if the sun catches you off guard.
-Look for inspiration in magazines and online. Check out my gardening board on Pinterest. Here is a great example of something I pinned for inspiration (left) and my result (right). 


Inspiration (left) and Actual (right)
Inspiration (left) and my Actual (right)


It's said that flowers can be amazing friends. When I show love for my friends, care for them, and give them encouragement they return the love in abundance! Just like my flowers. And, just like my human friends - flowers are lovely, they smell good, and our home is more beautiful when they're present.
Off to meet some new friends,
Nicole xo.

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