About Epitome

Epitome products combine smart, safe, effective ingredients with a little fashion and fun! They are the perfect example - the epitome - of what skincare should be.

Epitome Skincare entered the retail market in 2010 with a successful launch of Lash & Brow Serum. Since then, the line has expanded to include multi-tasking products that give our clients minimal-fuss routines with maximum luxury + serious results.

Whether they like to be sophisticated, flirty, tough, or all the above, we know that when people feel good they are stronger, happier, and more productive and the world is a better place. Our goal is to help people achieve that feeling every day. 



Contact Nicole Mulder @ nicole@epitomeskincare.com



Our retail goal: Answer the industry demand to simplify the lives of buyers and consumers. How?

  • Provide luxury products with multiple benefits. 
  • Bring products to market that have highly effective formulations, yet are easy to understand and use. 
  • Have the best, most passionate sales team around. Our team also offers services to improve spa retail programs enhance profitability, with programs such as promotional marketing/planning, staff training, visual merchandising.
Retail inquiries: email Nicole Mulder - nicole@epitomeskincare.com