Good work doing good work. Keepers of a pinky swear.

#MotivationMonday: These two. Anna & George are terrific people who work hard at everything they do. They are great students, employees, athletes, and philanthropists. Get this: their combined goals are to raise $150,000 in donations to the The Miracles of Mitch Foundation (Anna 100K & George 50K) BEFORE they graduate high school! They will be racing, for kids who can't, in a triathlon Saturday in Chanhassen, MN. 
MOMF Triathlon 2013
Anna & George work hard and laugh harder! THANK YOU, George & Anna, for the good work you do, doing good work. 

Work hard, laugh harder!

If you just found yourself motivated to get involved or help them make their goal - message me or contact the MOMF.

George & Anna, pictured with Eric Hutchinson at the Then Event in May 2014

Full disclosure: George is my boy :)


Love, Nicole

A keeper of the Pinky Swear

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