If a tree falls in the woods = I love Minnesotans.

Our neighborhood lost a few trees this weekend, including one in our backyard, uprooted by a strong summer storm that came through Friday night.

Many of the tress are still down- like this one that I came across while on the beautiful MN River Bluffs LRT Regional Trail this morning. 

Several bikes and other runners had already been by me, and I couldn't figure out how they crossed that tree. Until I got close enough to read this...

Someone made a detour trail! Even if it's just for a couple of days until the city can get to there to remove the tree, I hope they know it was worth it!! And then to add the sign... so kind and thoughtful! I would have never seen the detour trail without the tip. 

This is exactly the reasons why I love Minnesotans. We are a resilient, adventurous, caring, strong, patient, concerned, grateful, trailblazing bunch. We look out for each other and help each other. Everywhere I go I see people who are kind and generous. It is the biggest reason I choose to live in the beautiful state of Minnesota. We are raised to be this way. Probably because we know that if we weren't all in it together, we wouldn't survive the winters.

Inside the makeshift trail to the trail
~ A look inside the makeshift trail to the trail.
To my neighbors who took the time......Thank you... for the trail and for your kindness. 




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