Epitome Skincare Fall into Winter Skincare Tips

Autumn brings many things: fall colors, football, sweaters, and just around the corner…winter and colder weather.

Colder weather can take a toll on our skin, but only if we let it. These are some of the products I recommend using to keep your skin healthy and you looking and feeling your best!

Try these products AT NIGHT, to help nourish your skin while sleeping. 

Chamomile Facial Cleanser

A gentle formula to clear impurities. Chamomile is an ultra-soothing botanical that calms and soothes your skin, helping reduce redness and irritation. For all skin types.

Dual Action Toner Peel Pads

Use at night, after cleansing, to clear away dead skin on the surface and make way for your treatment products.

Vita Soothe Serum

Replenishes skin's moisture and smooth silky feel. Helps correct dull rough skin and seals in night moisturizer to boost its benefits.

Multi Complex Night Créme

Amazing blend of ingredients Retinol, Copper Enzymes, and CoQ10- to help improve elasticity and even skin tone and texture. 

Lip Treatment

Indulge your lips! Use this revolutionary plumping treatment day and night to hydrate and smooth your lips.

DURING THE DAY: Remember, you need to use sunscreen even in the winter months. We've got you covered with Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20. It's a perfect blend of skincare and makeup to even your skin tone and give you a fresh, healthy glow, all while providing protection against the sun. 


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